Home Makeover: Add Color and Joy with a Flower Subscription

Home Makeover: Add Color and Joy with a Flower Subscription

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of beauty and tranquility can be a challenge. Yet, there's a simple, enchanting solution right at your doorstep: flower subscriptions. Imagine opening your door to a burst of fresh, vibrant blooms curated just for you, ready to breathe life into your home and heart. Flower subscriptions offer a unique opportunity to invite the natural world into our lives, providing a continuous connection to the earth's cycles and seasons. Through this article, we'll dive into the enchanting world of flower subscriptions, exploring how this service not only transforms spaces but also supports local ecosystems and communities. Join us on a floral journey that promises to awaken your senses and elevate your everyday living.

What is a Flower Subscription?

A flower subscription is an opportunity to reserve your flowers in advance. You choose the flowers that you would like to recieve and by "subscribing" you guarentee that we will have a bouquet for you. No worried about showing up at our Pickup Porch and there not being any flowers for you. No need to watch your email or contact us. You know that every week, for 3-4 weeks, you can expect to have fresh flowers! 

Spring Awakening: How a Collapsed TV Stand Sparked a Living Room Transformation

Have you ever noticed how your home can sometimes feel tired? I experience this every Spring, which I believe fuels the urge for "spring cleaning." Just today, I refreshed my living room. The remnants of Christmas decorations lingered, casting a stuffy and uninspired feeling over the space. However, an unexpected urge for change occurred when our TV stand collapsed this morning, leading to an impromptu rearrangement.

I found new purposes for decorations and shifted furniture around, breathing new life into the room. I also repotted all my houseplants, and the burst of fresh greenery infused the space with vitality and joy.

Suddenly, I wanted to spend my entire day there, basking in the rejuvenated atmosphere. Had I had flowers, they would have been the perfect finishing touch!


 local flower subscription

Enhance Your Home With Flower Subscriptions

Our bouquet subscription offers a unique and personal way to enhance your home's ambiance.

  • Every week, you'll receive a distinct, handpicked floral arrangement, introducing a new palette of colors to your space. The element of surprise with each delivery acts as a delightful "gift to oneself," keeping you eagerly anticipating what beautiful combination will arrive next.
  • What I particularly appreciate is the longevity of our flowers—they last beyond a week, allowing me to creatively redecorate with the previous bouquet. I often place the new arrangement on my kitchen or dining table, giving it the spotlight, while relocating last week's flowers to my bathroom vanity.
  • This simple joy of rearranging adds an instant lift to my mood. Flowers just have a way of helping me to enjoy my home and add little burst of visual joy throughout my day. 



Explore Our Four Favorite Farm Fresh Flowers

We offer four different flower varieties through our subscriptions. Heirloom Narcissus (or daffodils), fancy Tulips, Ranunculus, and Dahlias. Each of them holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to the season for them. 

1. Narcissus (or daffodils)

Narcissus flowers often get overlooked because of the bold, crayon-yellow daffodils that dominate home gardens and grocery store bouquets during Easter. However, the varieties we cultivate are far from ordinary; they are heirloom and specialty breeds that boast an exquisite palette of colors.

Our collection features shades of white, cream, butter yellow, apricot, lime, pink, and citrus yellow. Not only do they exhibit a range of hues, but these flowers are also distinguished by their double petals and frilly textures. Some are striped or multicolored, and others surprise with multiple blooms per stem.

But it's their fragrance that truly sets them apart. Unlike the common yellow daffodils, our narcissus exude a rich aroma reminiscent of floral honey, potent enough to fill an entire room. This scent is unparalleled, transforming any space into a fragrant haven. It's this combination of unique beauty and intoxicating aroma that makes our heirloom narcissus varieties truly exceptional.  I've never smelled a bright yellow that has that kind of effect. 


flower subscriptions


2. Fancy Tulips

The tulips we grow aren't those single petal, 10 stems for $7, grocery store tulips. The fancy, double kinds we grow could easily be confused with peonies! They have a fullness to them because of the amount of petals they have. Some are even fringed!

And my favorite thing about tulips is watching them die. I know that seems weird but it's the most beautiful thing about them. As they age, they change. Each morning I feel like I wake up to a new bouquet. They open more, stretch gracefully, change color ever so slighly..it's really something you have to experience! 


tulip flower subscription

3. Ranunculus

Ranunculus, often dubbed the Rose of Spring, truly live up to their name with their abundance of layered, ruffled petals gracefully encircling their stems. Remarkably, they boast an impressive vase life, frequently lasting for up to two weeks!

 Ranunculus flower subscription

4. Dahlia

Introducing the queen of autumn: the Dahlia. This remarkable flower boasts an astonishing variety of colors, sizes, and petal shapes. Though their vase life is brief, lasting only 3-5 days, their enchanting allure more than compensates. Dahlias are especially favored for wedding arrangements, charming all with their unique beauty.

Ranunculus flower subscription

Flower Subscriptions Tailored to Personal Preferences

Flowers effortlessly infuse your living space with a touch of personal style. With a subscription that lets you choose your preferred blooms, you can bring home the refined elegance of tulips, the vibrant hues of dahlias, the delicate fragrance of narcissus, or the whimsical charm of ranunculus—each selection perfectly reflecting your individual taste. If desired, you can creatively disperse your bouquet into smaller bud vases or merge several subscriptions for a grand, impactful floral display.

Having fresh flowers in my home has become an unexpected joy.

Before I started growing my own, I seldom experienced the delight of a fresh bouquet. I always adored flowers but underestimated their transformative effect on our home until I enjoyed their presence on my table week after week. The end of the season brought a palpable sense of loss; I deeply missed the vibrant splash of color they added to my living space.

Supporting Local Farms like Centennial Acres

Supporting local flower farms, such as Centennial Acres, or any farm, benefits them directly. Your money goes straight into their pockets, bypassing the need to pay hefty fees to corporations or losing a portion of their earnings to middlemen or wholesalers. This practice keeps your dollars within the local economy.

The transportation required to deliver flowers to a florist is staggering! Often, they are flown in from other countries or warmer states. While flowers are a seasonal crop and many of us have grown accustomed to the convenience offered by grocery stores, there is something truly special about enjoying local produce in its intended season. It enhances your appreciation for these items significantly.


"Absolutely loved having the fresh flowers.  It brought brightness to the room." - Laura

"They provide beautiful flowers for our home and/or Airbnb and we love that we are supporting a local family business who are great friends!" - Mariah

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Some Questions We Get About Our Flower Subscriptions:

How does pickup work?

If you are picking up your bouquet from one of our location business partners, it's as easy as stopping in during business hours and grabbing them! No need to notify any employees or bring proof of purchase. Just grab your bouquet from the stand an head out! And if you want to support that business while you're there, we know they would super appreciate it!

When do they begin?

With weather playing such a critical role in timing for us, we email you as soon as we have an idea of the start week, it will definitely be a week advanced notice at minimum. We know the general season things will bloom, but that's about it until we get closer to go time!

What if I buy a subscription but then can't pickup my bouquet?

So for this situation we encourage you to share the joy of flowers with another and gift your subscription to a friend! Have them stop by in your place and take home the flowers. Alternatively, you can also request ahead of time to pickup two bouquets during one of your subscription weeks. We do not offer this if you forget about your flowers and fail to pick them up. If that is the case, you've unfortunately forfeited your flowers for that week and will not be reimbursed. We do our best to respect our location hosts and if there's flowers that remain at close, we've told their employees to take the flowers home and enjoy them. They have no responsibilty to hold your flowers until the next day or coordinate pickup at another time. If we hear of a subscriber doing this, we will terminate the remainder of your subscription. 

How much is a flower subscription?

Finding the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature into your home can sometimes be a chore. But fear not, we've got you covered with our flower subscription service at Centennial Acres Farm!

We understand how important it is for you to have fresh, vibrant flowers to brighten up your space and lift your spirits. That's why we've designed our subscription service with you in mind, offering a variety of options to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Our four-week Fragrant Narcissus subscription, blooming beautifully between April and May, is priced at an accessible $100.00.
  • If Tulips are more your style, we offer a four-week subscription of these stunning blooms during the same period for just $120.00.
  • As the season shifts from May to June, our three-week Ranunculus subscription could be the perfect fit for you, also available at $120.00.
  • And let's not forget about our four-week Dahlias subscription in September, a treat for the senses at the same price.

With our subscriptions, you can enjoy the freshness and vibrancy of farm-grown flowers delivered right to your doorstep. We're confident that our flower subscription service will add that extra touch of charm to your surroundings and bring a smile to your face.


For all flower subscription details click here!


Breathe Life into Your Home with Centennial Acres Farm's Flower Subscriptions: Fresh Blooms, Positive Change

So, there you have it! The world of flower subscriptions is more than just a service; it's a journey of transformation. With Centennial Acres Farm, you're not merely buying flowers; you're investing in vibrant bursts of joy that will brighten your kitchen one bloom at a time.

Our farm-to-table approach ensures the highest quality and freshness, giving you longer vase life and pure petals free from harmful chemicals. Plus, you get to enjoy early-season Narcissus and Tulips starting in April, adding variety and color to your home two months earlier than usual.

Say goodbye to last-minute grocery store bouquet panic-buys and hello to flowers so fresh that they're the talk of the neighborhood. With Centennial Acres Farm, your vases will finally get what they deserve – and so will you!

So, why wait? Splash some color into your life with our flower subscriptions. At Centennial Acres Farm, we don't just sell flowers; we inspire change, one vibrant bloom at a time. So go ahead and support a more beautiful, sustainable world with us. After all, the power of flowers is indeed transformative!

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