We are Curtis and Kayla Walter! We, along with our four boys, live and grow flowers and food on our little slice of heaven, Centennial Acres Farm.

We started Centennial Acres Farm after closing a successful earring business. I'm sure I can guess what you're thinking..why would you close it if it was successful? I still ask myself that some days.

It all comes down to joy.

It was bringing me (Kayla) joy - but not my family. You see, being an "all in" sort of person, I found myself deeply engrossed in my business, to the point where my my biggest and first prioity as a SAHM - my family, was sidelined. During one of the most successful seasons of the biz, I felt the Lord leading me away from it and back into His first call on my life. So I closed it with zero regrets. Though that persistent nudge of entreprenuership never went away...

We bought a house with some land next to my parents and got the itch for a more self and community reliant lifestyle. Here came more chickens, a garden that was, perhaps, a tad ambitious for us to tend, learning sourdough baking and preserving our harvest. It was something that Curt and I gained so much joy through doing together and it was somerhing that was so PRACTICAL to include our children in. We put our garden in - lettuce, potatoes, an unreasonable number of tomatoes...a packet of sunflower seeds, a few greenhouse bought eucalyptus - my first attempt at growing flowers.

Harvesting my first bouquet, arranging it and bringing it inside..I just wanted to stare at it all day! I put it on our kitchen table and would turn it this way and that, admiring it from all angles. It brought me so much JOY! And I was able to share the bounty as well and that just took the cake! But still with the nagging itch to be in business and a garden that size - maybe it was coincedence, maybe it was the Lord, but I came across this social media page that was talking about growing flowers to sell. *BINGO* There was my lightbulb moment. A way to combine all the things in my life in a way that could bring more joy to our lives and others'!

So our family embarked on a journey to spread joy through the beauty of flowers. We wanted to bring back the small-town charm of buying flowers from your neighbor's garden, while also giving people access to unique and high-quality blooms that they may not find at their local grocery store.

Now, here we are, narrating the story of Centennial Acres Farm, a joyous confluence of our love for family, entrepreneurship, and community. It is our humble attempt to share the happiness that a simple flower and baked goods can bring, and in doing so, create a business that nurtures the soul, just as much as it feeds the family.

But Centennial Acres Farm is more than just a business. It's a way of life, rooted in the belief that happiness can be found in the simple things - like watching seeds sprout into beautiful flowers or sharing homemade bread with loved ones. It's a reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty around us, and connect with those we care about.