About Us

We are Curtis and Kayla Walter! We, along with our four boys, live and grow flowers and food on our little slice of heaven, Centennial Acres Farm.
We moved onto the property in 2020 and promptly got to work cleaning the place up and making plans for our homestead. 
In Spring of 2021, we started a huge veggie garden in our backyard despite no experience growing in such vast quantities. I planted a few flowers, mainly sunflowers and eucalyptus, but once I harvested my first bouquet for our home, I was HOOKED! The amount of joy I felt every time I walked by those flowers intoxicated me and got my brain spinning on possibilities. I couldn't wait to grow MORE!

2022 season came around and we dedicated half of our garden to growing flowers and learning all we could so we could launch our Flower Farm in 2023! We are so excited to expand our offerings for you in the coming years!

In 2024 we are officially adding Home-raised Pastured Meats, Homemade Baked Goods, and Home-raised Doberman Pinscher Puppies. We also hope to begin offering classes on raising chickens, butchering, canning, and sourdough baking! Stay tuned!