Loyal Companions for Active Families

Are you ready to meet the ultimate furry addition to your family? Our Doberman puppies, known for their unparalleled loyalty and affection, are far from your typical couch potatoes! They crave interaction, love to snuggle up, and are the epitome of what it means to be a ''Velcro dog.''

Our mama, Della, epitomizes the Doberman breed's loving nature, always eager for a cuddle and to stay close to her humans. Raised within the lively hub of our home and frequently handled by our children, our puppies are well-acclimated to the hustle and bustle of family life.

Prepare for Energy and Drive

Though raised with lots of affection, these puppies come from a line of working dogs. They possess a spirited drive and energy that requires dedication. Before bringing one of our puppies into your life, we urge you to consider if you're ready for this commitment, as they thrive on consistent training, bountiful exercise, and cognitive challenges.

Priced at $3500, each puppy leaves our care with the utmost preparation:

  • Ears Cropped: Professionally done by Brittany M. Faison, DVM, unless you prefer natural ears.
  • Ear Posting Support: We're here to help our puppy families by video call whenever reassurance is needed. We also send you home with all the supplies needed for the first few months of posting.
  • Tail Docked and Dewclaws Removed: Ensuring they meet the breed standard.
  • Healthcare: Up-to-date vaccines and a regimen of deworming.
  • One-Year Health Guarantee: Covering genetic health issues for your peace of mind.

Support That Extends Beyond Pick-Up

We're not just providing a puppy; we're offering a lifetime of support. That's why we've joined forces with trainers, David and Victoria at Centurion Canine. To ensure you and your Doberman excel, we provide:

  • Complimentary Training Resources: Exclusive access to online chats 2-3 times a year with expert insights on everything from puppy basics to competitive training, specially designed for the Doberman.

Ready to Add a Doberman to Your Family?

Take the first step and submit your APPLICATION today. For those who cherish active participation and companionship in a pet, our Doberman puppies might just be the perfect match. Join the ranks of satisfied families who have discovered the joy and excitement a Doberman can bring into a household. Your forever friend is waiting! Apply now to begin a rewarding adventure with a Doberman pup.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a puppy; it is the first step in our process to ensure our Dobermans find the right home.

Because we know you do your research


How do I reserve a puppy?

An $800 deposit places you on our waitlist and secures your spot. This deposit is applied toward the final purchase price of your puppy. To make a deposit, please contact us directly, and we will guide you through the payment process. Remember, this deposit is a commitment to adopting a puppy from us and is therefore non-refundable. It can, however, be transferred to a future litter.

Who owns the parents?

Della is our family dog. She lives with us in our home.
Koen belongs to Katlyn Schwarzwaelder of Von Schwarz Doberman Kennels in Ohio.

What health testing have the parents had?

Della's Health Testing: 
Embark, Wisdom Panel
vWD 1 Copy
DNA DCM 1 - 1 copy
DNA DCM 2 - 0 copy
DNA DCM 3 - 1 copy
DNA DCM 4 - 1 copy
OFA Echocardiogram Normal (2023)
OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Eyes Normal

Koens's Health Testing: 
Embark, Wisdom Panel
vWD Clear
DNA DCM 3 - 0 copy
DNA DCM 4 - 1 copy
OFA Echocardiogram Normal (2023)
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Thyroid Normal
2023 Holter - Normal 0 VPC's 
Full Dentition 
Full Kidney/Liver Panels Normal

What is your policy if a health issue arises?

Our one-year health guarantee covers genetic health issues, providing peace of mind for our puppy families. If a genetic health issue is confirmed by a veterinarian, we offer different options, including refunds. Please refer to our health guarantee section of our contract for detailed information.

When are the puppies due and when would we bring them home?

We are expecting the litter by the first week of May '24. Puppies would be ready to go home with you by the first week of July.

Do you ship puppies?

While we understand that it's not always possible to pick up your puppy in person, at this time we do not ship our puppies.

Can I visit my puppy before bringing them home?

Yes! We highly encourage visits and begin scheduling them after 5 weeks old. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to meet one another and for you to meet your future companion and see where they have been raised.

When do I get to choose my puppy?

The selection process for choosing your puppy operates on a first-come, first-choice basis, which means the order in which you get to pick your puppy is determined by the sequence of received deposits. This approach ensures fairness and allows families ample time to make a thoughtful choice. We will notify you of your selection date well in advance, providing you with an opportunity to meet the puppies, either in person or via video call, depending on your location and convenience.